Gooise Meren is bursting with history and culture. Our two fortified towns, one medieval castle, the fortress island, and the seven forts and fortifications are all part of the New Dutch Waterline and are on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a good reason. This area’s rich history goes back to the Middle Ages; here, a large number of influential people have played their part. The monuments and churches are worth a visit. Moreover, Gooise Meren has a beautiful and diverse range of art and culture. In short; discover Gooise Meren!

Historical tales

Gooise Meren has an exciting past and beautiful historical tales that are told in a unique way along walking trails, in performances and at exhibitions. Various monumental buildings, fortresses and museums play their part in making the history of Gooise Meren tangible.


Historical tales

Churches and monuments

Gooise Meren’s cultural heritage includes many churches, monuments, and other sites. Everyone knows de Grote Kerk, also known as Sint-Vituskerk, in Naarden, but Muiden also has a large church, the Sint Nicolaaskerk. In Muiderberg, you will find the Kerk aan Zee at the end of Zeedijk. The latter has not always been this close to the water: many storms had brought the sea nearer, for example, in 1916 when 100 meters of coast vanished. The construction of the dike between the Zuiderzee and the church has prevented a worse fate. Besides hosting regular services, each of these three churches is used for performances and exhibitions.


Churches & monuments