There is no shortage of music in Gooise Meren, in Spant! you can regularly attend performances of major national artists. A suave chamber concert in Bussum at Tindalvilla is also a unique experience. The Tindal foundation aims to perform chamber music in the same space and atmosphere in which it originated. This mainly occurs in the villa at Nieuwe 's Gravelandseweg 21 in Bussum. One monthly concert is organised in the suite of the Tindalvilla, which can accommodate a hundred people. The performers are among the top in their genre.

For piano lovers, a piano concert in BIJ ANDREAS is an absolute must! More musical performances are given on the other stages of Gooise Meren, such as in the Grote Kerk Naarden and Muiden.

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Annual events

Gooise Meren has several recurring festivals and events. Of course, we lavishly celebrate national holidays, such as King's Day or the arrival of Sinterklaas. But there is more, for example, Bussum’s traditional Culturel and Naarden’s biennial Photo Festival. Muiden has been hosting the UITfestival since 2021, and Muiderberg bursts with music during Swing op de Brink. Via Discover Gooise Meren, you can stay on top of all festivals and events in our municipality.

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The Gooische Muziekschool

The Gooische Muziekschool was founded in 1993 and provides lessons in eight municipalities in the Gooi and Vecht region.
The music school offers private, group and musical lessons. The Gooische Muziekschool is a school that inspires, motivates and teaches!

About the Gooische Muziekschool