Gooise Meren is rich in fortresses and fortifications. From the Muiderslot and the fortifications in Naarden to Fort IV in Bussum, there is much history to visit and experience. You will be amazed by the fortified island of Pampus, in Fort C, and in the Gele Loods, where you can gather plenty of knowledge about our cultural heritage.

Fortified towns of Gooise Meren

Gooise Meren has two beautiful fortified towns. Naarden and Muiden. Both cities are remarkable because of their beautiful historic buildings, narrow alleys and fortifications. Initially built to protect the fortified cities, the ramparts are worth visiting. Discover the two fortified towns on a walk with a local guide, who can tell you everything about the area. You can book a tour at the De Gele Loodsen visitor centre in Naarden-Vesting. In Muiden, tour guide Guus Kroon will be happy to help you.

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Forts and fortifications - Get to know them by visiting them

All fortresses and fortifications of Gooise Meren can be visited. Each town has its visitor centre where you can find more information. The Gele Loods, the New Dutch Waterline visitor centre, has been open since September 2021. You can take a beautiful bike ride along the New Dutch Waterline or visit the Fortress Museum in Naarden. A walk on the ramparts in Muiden or Naarden is also worthwhile. If you have never seen Bussum’s unique Fort IV, put it at the top of your list! A visit to the Muiderslot can be ideally combined with a boat trip to the fortified island of Pampus. There is much to experience historically in Gooise Meren for visitors of all ages.