Muiden - Historic city on the water with a touch of 'new’

Visit the ancient castle Rijksmuseum Muiderslot, take a boat to Fort Island Pampus, and walk on the renovated ramparts of our fortified city of Muiden. Experience the cosy fortified town from a terrace with a view of the harbour full of traditional sailing ships and the Groote Zeesluis. Download the 'Slot van de tijd' pod walk and listen while walking through Muiden and discover much more. Download it from the App Store or Play Store.





In the unique fortified town of Muiden, the first fortifications date back to the end of the fourteenth century. For centuries, Muiden was an essential link in the Dutch Waterline. In 1852, the defences on the other side of the harbourfront were reinforced with a brick tower fort. In 1874, construction of the so-called Muizenfort and the barracks in Muiden began. The Muizenfort was built between 1874 and 1877. The fort is part of the Naarden fortress and has nine large rooms, of which the two gun casemates, each with three loopholes, are the most important. From here, the bridges, dike and towpath could be attacked. The building is bombproof, which is very special considering the years it served.

The visitor centre Vesting Muiden has been located there since 2018. A permanent multimedia exhibition shows the historical development of Muiden over the centuries, including the role the place played in the Defense Line of Amsterdam and the New Dutch Waterline.

The Muiden fortress was included in the Defense Line of Amsterdam in 1892. Thus, it became essential for the defence of the Vecht estuary and its locks, the sea dike in the direction of Muiderberg and the Naarder towpath.

Culture Muiden

A visit to Muiden is highly recommended. Visit the events in and around the Muiderslot, stroll through the old streets and walk along the Vecht. Go to a concert in the Grote Kerk or enjoy an inspiring city tour. Muiden has a high cultural value and has been a tourist attraction for years.