Bussum - Shopping heart of Gooise Meren

Bussum is the largest town of Gooise Meren and has been known for years for its cosy restaurants and shopping streets. In the centre, the Kapelstraat and the area around the monumental station Naarden-Bussum, you will find many great pubs, beautiful restaurants and cosy terraces. With Soigné, Bussum even has an actual star restaurant. Bussum has many trendy boutiques and gift shops where you can shop till you drop, and a stop for a snack or drink is just as easy. In addition, with Het Bredius (including the park area Het Sleevetje and Bilderdijkpark) and Het Spieghel, Bussum has two protected village views that symbolise Bussum’s unique cultural-historical character.


Bussum is known for its beautiful nature, green forests, colourful heaths, parks, and gardens. A lesser-known but just as exciting side of Bussum is its rich history. Several literary greats have lived in the village, and fortifications can be found at Fort Werk IV. The history of the Bensdorp cocoa and chocolate factory is a remarkable story. In 1866, the Bensdorp brothers from Amsterdam started building their second chocolate factory. After an initial location in Amsterdam, room for expansion was found in Bussum. The company grew steadily, and new branches were opened in Germany, Austria and later, even South Africa. With the involvement of subsequent Bensdorp generations, it became a family business. Around 1970 Bensdorp had more than a thousand employees, of whom more than 300 were in the Netherlands. Unilever acquired the company in 1973. In 1974, Louis Bensdorp Jr., the fifth generation, left the company, ending the family's involvement. The company came into Swiss/Belgian hands in 1985, production moved to France, and the factory on the Bussumse Herenstraat was closed in 2000.

Culture Bussum

Bussum has an extensive and unique cultural offer; there is something for every lover of theatre, music and film. You don't have to leave the municipality to have a fun night out! Discover the culture of Bussum and be surprised.

There is always something to see and do in Bussum. We will keep you informed!